Feedback on game icon I made

Any constructive feedback will be highly appreciated!


I like it a lot but I think the text below should be bigger cause I believe it to be to small.

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The post category is wrong, may you move it to help-and-feedback:cool-creations?


I like the overall concept of the design however you need to be more specific on what the game is about if this is a (angelic game) try removing the middle character since that ruins the design in my opinion.

The icon shows 3 different characters with different styles the (2) look like an angel - devil the middle character doesn’t have a unique style that’ll it with an angelic theme, normally these games just feature one character they sometimes don’t show multiple characters in the scene since it’s more focused around the name (angelic).

I recommend maybe including a different font try making it more clearer to players eyes if this was added as a icon it’ll be hard to see or cut out of the design. You could make the the middle character have some sort of appearance as the too characters.

But other than that well done on your icon few touches can make it more interesting and attractive to players view.

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I do actually agree with your points, because the concept is good, but I feel like @JoseGamer_Pr2 should actually flip the middle character around, and with some added depth, you could make it look like he is trying to make a quick decision between angels and devils. It’s unoriginal having just three characters lined up like that with a small title at the bottom.

Another thing you could consider is showing a battle scene where the angels want to chase out the demons/devils. There could even be a transforming landscape or something interesting like that. But the main thing to take away is that this trio of rectangles isn’t appealing enough.

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Well I think I will change the name to the after life…