Feedback on game icon

Hey i need feedback on my game icon before i sponser the game, it is an obby game and its called Stay Up.

Feedback on the icon also the game name is appreciated, thanks in advance.
Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 20.30.50

Game link if interested:
Stay Up [50% Sale] - Roblox

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And how can it be improved lol. Just saying its bad isn’t good feedback

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true… I am gonna give ye feedback soon rq

Here is some constructive critism since you gave some to me the other day:

  • Looks a lot like some text and a stock image put together, maybe put ‘STAY UP’ text with some fog effects
  • The icon is simple but maybe too generic, it can be hard to recognise
  • The banner is a bit plain, maybe add some gameplay screenshots?
  • Checking the game itself, I notice that it is an obby. Maybe put ‘stay up obby’ as game title.

Here are some game feedbacks:

  • it is pretty much just a generic obby, so ‘STAY UP’ is unique, but does not hint on what the game is actually about.
  • Bubblechat UI is a bit ugly
  • A kill-all function is pretty cheap
  • add a menu for donations when pressing donate
  • the music is a bit bland
  • pointing arrows at products would discourage purchases mostly.

Overall, I think it needs some more work before you advertise.

Or you could work putting a lot of effects on icons. An example of icons with alot of effects that I made are:
Of course, everyone has their own style. This is just how I prefer to do my icons.


So, I am finally back. Here is my feedback

Plain | Regular Text | Bad Background

  • First up, the text really does not blend in with the background, but everyone has their own style. Could use some more detail but rlly its all about the game’s theme.

Game Feedback

  • The courses seem to easy, but I dont know if it is meant to be.
  • The Arrow takes up too much screen space, and makes the game look like a pay wall.
  • GUIs are a bit rough (Can be fixed easy)

Example Icon

  • Back to the Icon, I know this isnt the best example as it was quickly made for examples.

  • Shadows meant for stealing protection (Not the best icon example but works)

Overall, I think the game has a good potential, even though the obby type games have died out, some still make it, and this could to.

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Hello! I would say your icon is going in the right direction, but it needs a few things.

  1. First off, add a few effects to the text. This could be stroke, drop shadow, outer glow, etc.
  2. Second off, maybe you could add something to the background. Right now it looks a bit bland

That’s it! I hope this was helpful.

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