Feedback on Game Icon

UNexus Studios is looking for any feedback on this Game Icon created by one of our advertisers. The actual icon will not have the PandaPb watermark over it, he put that so no one will steal it. Both positive AND negative feedback will be accepted and used. Thanks!


I think this icon would look better with consistent fonts, they’re like 5 different fonts. Maybe have “Morphy” in the middle and have the slogan under it. Something like this I think would look good.

I’m for hire! :wink:

"Mock Up"


Thanks. I do agree that this would look better without so many fonts, and will talk to my designer


Remember that the game Icon is pretty small, so people likely wouldn’t be able to read the text.


With game icons you want to focus on catching prospective player’s eyes, not much else. You don’t need all that text, and if you were to keep it I would say that, honestly, people won’t read it. If you look at the icons of the top 10 games on the front page, all of them contain either no text at all or minimal text (just the game title) over a really visually appealing image. A great example is the murder mystery 2 thumbnail, just a simple knife on a purple background.

Unfortunately I would suggest a full rework of your entire icon. You don’t need the text, and the icon itself shouldn’t be in black and white. A good game icon needs to be interesting, colorful, and eye-catching. Right now yours isn’t any of those.

My suggestion would be to just include the crosshair part (with color added back) scaled larger and centered in the frame with a colorful background.

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I would add more colors! The desaturation or devibrance (excuse my vocabulary) probably wouldn’t fit as good.

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Yeah, this is just a quick sketch so we can work on the text/imagery. Thanks!