Feedback on game icon?

I’m working on a game right now, I’ll give some info:
It’s a team elimination game, like Super Doomspire, except the spawns are a center nexus.
The Nexus is a crystal pod, which you break to deactivate the team’s spawn.
Ok, here’s the icon!

I know, it’s a bit simplistic, it’s my first good one.
Please tell me what you think!

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I really like the design, and the unique shape it had!

The only thing I noticed, is that the emblem/crystal in the center, doesn’t really pop. This might be intensional, if this is a background icon, but if it isn’t I would up the brightness of the middle purple design.

If it’s meant to be an important crystal, it could also use a little bit of glow to make it seem powerful and significant.

Overall it looks very clean though!


Thanks for the feedback! I thought it looked dull after making it, but never really got to it :stuck_out_tongue: The crystal IS powerful in a way, so I think it actually would be a nice touch.

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Good job is cool. You created good icon👌

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Maybe some reflection in the glass, like this:
glass reflection - Google Search - Google Chrome 8_15_2020 11_10_05 PM (2)

And making the gem brighter would make it a lot better. :grin:

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Adding more detail, like text, lights. Will make it better! But good job.

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