Feedback on game I've been working on

Hello everyone,

I have been working on a game where you drive around in monster trucks and can unlock new trucks, make your own custom track, and more. I noticed that the game has quite a big of dislikes and have absolutely no idea why. I need some feedback from people who have never played before so I know how to improve.


you can’t please everyone, thats just how it is.
the feedback though:

first off, in the menu, the buttons should be bigger, it is only taking up 1/5 of my screen, and maybe black and white.

In the game, i am very confused on what to do, maybe add an tutorial or even make the important buttons differant colors. the first thing people think of where to buy truck is the shop place. the shop if full of gamepasses and products, also don’t always add UIcorners on everything, try outline to make it stand out from the background.

also rework the logo if you want to, add a background so its easier to see on the poster/images.
(i don’t recommend selling clothing in a game because it makes your game look like a clothing store, you want to highlight the gameplay not the clothes)
the colors are a bizzare, try keep it simple.

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