Feedback on game [Lightsaber Demo]

This melee system is being created from scratch for another member on the Developer Forum, I just wanted to get feedback or suggestions from the community on what should be changed, added, or improved.

I’ve created a UI, along with key-binds. This demonstration supports all platforms, including mobile, and console.

Please note Keys Y and F are not functional at the moment, as they are currently being implemented.


My suggestion would be to either significantly decrease the cooldown for the primary attack or add a combo so that the player may attack in succesion without having to compensate for such a large cooldown.


Thanks, I will look into that. hopefully upon adding more key binds, it won’t cause players to spam the moves, since each attack will deal different amount of damage.

Building on what @Hightechbadger said, I’d suggest adding a holding/idle animation and also maybe a sound effect when the lightsaber swings and hits the player. Other than that, it looks really good.

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The sound effects I definitely plan to add, I have lines of code for them already. I just need to add a few more things before adding them entirely.
I was basically just showcasing the functionality of this entire system.

The system is very simple, yet complicated.
Once the client sends a request to the server, the server checks if the client is allowed to proceed in firing the event. If the player is allowed, it will output back to the client the specific instructions as well as the specific cool down.

The instructions are different for each keybind so that each can be updated or improved.
Surprisingly this system does NOT use tools or gears.

I appreciate the suggestions, I will most definitely take them into consideration, I’m still open for more suggestions as well.

Okay. Well anyways good job and good luck with you development! :smiley:

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It’s pretty cool . Nothing to say about it .

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