Feedback on game logo

I need feedback on a recent game logo I had just made. Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

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the thick lines on the pizza’s outline don’t really fit in, kind of looks like you’ve added that image from google or something. try making those lines thinner if you can or draw your own pizza.

you should also color the lines and not leave them black since it doesn’t fit the color palette of everything else in the image.

i really like the gradient text though!! very cool

u also spelled pizzeria wrong lol

Looks pretty good! Is the game logo the same as the thumbnail?

What do you mean by the thumbnail?

My client didn’t really care if I got the image from google or not, but I will change it also I just realized that I spelled it wrong lmao.

When you see a game on Roblox this is the game logo:

This is the thumbnail when you click on the game:

Yes, I understand that. I think you are using if the logo showcase image would be the thumbnail, and I cannot answer that question due to it being a commission for another person.

Oh ok all good… Keep up the effort :+1: