Feedback on game Random Obby Of Snow

So i made this game and idk how it is as i am its dev and not a casual player soooooooo can someone please rate it? i would be very happy if u rate it honesty =)

Where is the game link…?

the characters

oh haha glitches now u can see it

Looks good other then the part were it does not generate an obby…

EDIT: Okay so it does work… That is amazing. It’s a really cool game and now I wish their were more games like it!

it does if u click the button on the bottom left of the screen

I tried it for myself, and it also does not generate at all. Even with clicking the button.

Other than that , good game.

Edit: Just realized that you need to set it to a certain number of stages. However, i have another question, do other people see the obby you generate?

no they dont see it because then other people will collide with the obby or wont be able to see there own generated obby