Feedback on game/restaurant

Hi everyone! I am in the finishing stages of development for my new restaurant styled game, and I need some honest feedback on things I can improve on, or some additions you think would look good!
There are lots of photos I am adding since it is a big game, please go through all of them if you have the time!

Please give me honest feedback! Looking to improve this build to its maximum potential. Thanks!


Looks really nice! Only critique I have is the brightness of the sun in the background, it’s a bit overpowering in my opinion. Overall it looks really good.


Thank you! I will definitely work on the lighting, thanks for replying!

Yes looks amazing but what he said the sun and neon in my opinion can be a little annoying…

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thanks! will make the neon less bright, so as the sun! thanks for your feedback

Pretty good, I don’t really see anything bad with it (apart from the neon but that’s already been mentioned).

All in all, it’s a very good build

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Thank you! will make the neon less bright or change the material! Thanks for your feedback.

The graphics looks amazing!I love the little board walk area and the outdoor dining area. One thing I would change though is the neon color sign. I feel like it should be in a different color for example black maybe? Try it out. Nevertheless, once this game is released definally trying it out. Great work.

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looks really nice, but the couches look a bit too blocky but if thats what you were going for great job!

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Looks good! I feel the pink lighting does not fit the scenery, but the build itself is quite good!

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First of all I love that you used low poly design to make the buildings and how the light reflects and hits the restaurant makes it even more better, keep up with the good work. 10/10

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Thank you so much I appreciate it! Will definitely experiment with different colours of neon to see which one looks good and goes well!

Thanks! Perhaps I will change that! Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!

Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!