Feedback on game Stay Up needed

So i made this game a bit back and i have now decided to rework on it again, its a simple obby and i know it has a lot which needs to be worked on except i want to know what people want the most first so i don’t waste time.

Currently you may spawn head first in the ground, i am working on that but i can’t currently find a fix.

Here is the link, feedback is needed!

Note: Checkpoint 45 is missing for some reason so after that you cant progress, sorry about that i will get it fixed asap but rn i don’t have the time…

Stay Up - Roblox

It honestly just looks like a basic Obby. Nothing for me is really interesting or unique about it that will make it stand out.

The music is relaxing, but does it fit the obby? No.

The thumbnail was interesting: Though it would be like a sky-themed obby (which disappointed me when it was just a basic, neon colored one).

Although the thumbnail and icon can definitely be better. The game pass logos also need improvement. (FYI, the boombox image seemed to have got denied).

(honestly with the music, if you want with a sky theme-with gray’s, white’s and blue and cloud themed obstacles it might work well honestly).