Feedback on game Survive the Portal (Huge update)

A week ago I made a post about my game and I made lots of changes:
-Ammo system
-Updated map
-Global leader board
-Balanced enemies
-Fixed bugs

I’m thinking of getting an advertisement in the near future. I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you think.

Note: You get ammo from ammo crates around the map, a crate has a random chance of giving you grenades. Use E to drop the grenades.

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I like the concept of the game. Never seen anything like this on roblox. I have some suggestions:

  • You should get more ammo from ammo boxed
  • The zombie should get damaged if it’s arm gets hit
  • More zombies per wave? Because it took a while to find the last one.

That is it. I like the game. I would play this if it gets updated!

Have a good day!

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I have some thoughts about my experience playing your game:

  • The pistol fires so, so slow;

  • I kind of like how ammo boxes force players to explore the map. However, I’m not sure how I felt constantly scouring the map because I was always low on ammo;

  • It wasn’t until I played the game a second time that I actually saw the portal. It’s interesting to note that the portal (and consequently, all monsters) has a definite position. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does make waves take longer the further my player travels from the portal, as I often found myself waiting for just a couple monsters to finally catch up with me;

  • The gameplay quickly transitioned from slow, harmless cavemen to quick, ranged cowboys. I never made it past the second round. How do you expect me to fight off four cowboys using the exact same weapon as me? (Granted, this is something I feel will be fixed naturally over time as more players experience your game;)

  • I’d like to see the ammo boxes disappear immediately after being touched, or at least have an opening animation where the top part of the crate pops open. Right now, touching the box without any feedback makes it feel like I didn’t take all the ammo out of the box;

  • In-game, it would be nice to see a tip explaining that the “E” button throws grenades. If anyone were to jump into your game without reading the description (such as myself), they would be very confused; and

  • I feel like this is the biggest issue: camera movement. While it’s nice that you added an animation to the camera that kind of follows the camera, I think it should be going ahead of where the character is moving, so that the player can see more of what’s in front of them. It just makes sense, in my opinion.

Hope this helped! Keep us posted, btw. :slightly_smiling_face:

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First off I would like to thank you for playing my game and giving me lots of helpful feedback. I have added:

-Faster fire rates for the guns
-a crate opening animation
-three portals to keep the pace consistent
-made the enemies more balanced
-more ammo given from crates
-A tip that explains how to use the grenades

I experimented with a camera that goes towards where the character is moving but I found that it was very jittery so I’m staying with the old camera for now. I think I will get an advertisement by the end of the week.