Feedback on Game UI

I’m looking to get some feedback on the UI for my game. I wanted to know if the bit on the left looked good. It shows the amount of Candy Canes, the games currency, that you have. All suggestions are much appreciated. :slight_smile:


If we’re just contemplating the candy cane tracker, I suggest moving it to a less conspicuous place on screen, getting rid of the candy-cane background and using an icon + white OR black background.

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Thank you! Where do you suggest I move it to?

Bottom left if it’s a stand-alone tracking feature. HOWEVER, if you’re gonna be adding more UI around it I think it could follow games like “Mining Simulator” who concentrate their UI in the center left & right sides where you already put it. In the end it’s up to you, but remember to think about what players are gonna wanna see on their screen and what priority it should have when compared to other UI and their placement on the screen.

If this is an candy counter, it deserves to be on top so you don’t have to make the mobile players annoyed (if you’re making it mobile compatible)

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I was thinking of adding some buttons.

It is only for computer.

Otherwise, just put it on top and make it a little bit bigger because for your screen size, that’s a little small.


In terms of using the Development Support categories, typically you should come with a lot of content to be reviewed rather than a singular asset (unless said asset is large, such as a script or a model). It is more worth your time to appear to the support categories with lots to review so you can incorporate feedback. For example: we may be able to suggest improvements to your UI now, but in the future when you start adding more, then that feedback may be negated by new feedback and suggestions for further change.

On the topic of your UI though, I think you should move the UI lower. You’d want to reserve that middle space for other more important UI elements (potentially such as a sidebar menu). Furthermore, the text colouring does not work in contrast to the background UI - the background is too potent with bright colours and that stands out more than what actually matters, which is the cane count.

Perhaps you’d like to switch from using a tightly-squished stripe background to having an actual candy cane as an icon with something like “:candy: #x”. This is the style that most games adopt for their currency systems due to visual appeal. Simply stating a currency count on a bland background does not look good at all - an icon is normally always present in games that utilise a currency system. It also helps in future development, such as currency purchases or 3D world models (e.g. if you can pick up currency).

Thank you for your suggestions. I do agree that it does look better the way you put it.

Your first post may appears as off-topic or inappropriate… somehow, but that was your first impression on the picture, so it’s safe to say the UI in general is actually either off or not obvious, so yea, adding more contents or the candy icon will help much more than you think.

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I normally would not post like that, the post does come off as inflammatory. My normal response is to get straight to the catch: suggest a thread improvement, then give my two cents. It has been revoked.

As some of the other commentators have mentioned, it would look better to shift the candy cane counter to a corner rather than awkwardly floating in the center. I think top-left would be best if you’re planning to allow game-access to tablet/mobile players.

If you have additional content you’ll be displaying, putting it together into a corner would make it look uniform. The lone C-C Counter looks a little weird for two reasons:

  1. By being the only bar on-screen, it feels out-of-place, like the place is barren
  2. By being in the center of the screen, by itself, it draws additional attention to how out-of-place it is
    Of course, if you’re adding more content to the display, it will help a lot.

As for the background, perhaps swapping to wide red/white stripes with a strong fade would be easier to look at than the current tight-stripes. It’s just hard to look at as-is.

Looks amazing good job!

The candy cane UI over on the left side seems like a small obstruction to the players screen. You should try to make a longer UI at the top, or make it smaller/transparent in some sense to make a smaller obstruction.