Feedback on game Wither's Time Trial

Hi, I’ve been working on this game for about 6 months now and the last time I made a post about it is already quite outdated.

Anyways, I’m looking for any sort of feedback on this game, thank you in advance. [gaming] Wither's Time Trial 🕒 - Roblox

  • Improve the overall coloring. Make the certain starting columns have easily differentiable colors, like you did with the rows.
  • Small issue, but make the conveyor belts in spawn have easier to look at decals, preferable 1 per x-axis.
  • Nice button movement, but please keep consistent with the buttons. Either make all of the black and white or the better looking shop button color, but keep the icons instead of the text.
  • System messages are too hard to read, change the color scheme to white-type.
  • Make the settings menu more of a square

Tldr, be consistent with the graphics design.

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In my opinion the game looks fantastic, maybe make a settings menu in game to adjust stuff like the brightness for example, to your preference. Also, a Hide Players UI would also be handy. Overall, a great job on this game!

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Alright thanks, I’m not that experienced with this style of UI design but I’ll improve your points. I have a question, what exactly do you mean to

Thanks for the feedback though!

What I meant by it was that the system messages that alert you in chat when someone completes an obby should be colored with the white color used in chat messages so it will be visible and easy to read.

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