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Hey guys,

I have this little game, “Sweet Treat Simulator” and I need your feedback. I know that there are a lot of little details to add, but to be honest we cant keep players engaged longer than a few minutes. Maybe your input can help me understand what we are doing wrong.

Thank you for looking


Upon initially joining, I was treated to this once I was fully loaded in.

Now, there are a couple things wrong with this. The first and most basic is that there is no tutorial system, and nothing telling me what to do when I first join. The game also feels like it is not fully loaded in, since there is a big bottom bar that is blank and almost no UI. The game itself also has a lot of spaces that look like they have the sky-box around them, or that there is nothing behind it.

Now, for fixing these problems. The first and easiest one would be to simply change the barrier color to a different one that isn’t so similar to the sky-box, like a green or a red. For the more difficult to fix and also more pressing problem of a tutorial, that is where I would focus all of my energy on. A good tutorial can really make or break the game. You should also redesign some of the UI, specifically the bottom one. I would just remove the empty bar, but you could also add a lot more. I do like the shop UI though, so I think you should keep that. The wheat fields could also be much bigger. Hope this helped, and good luck!


That’s a great point about the doors to the other levels looking too much like the skybox.

We do have a tutorial that takes you through the game, but its not mandatory for first time players. we can fix that.

Thank you, keep the input coming.


Played the game, I do like the Low poly elements, Very sleek looking buildings,

  1. UI is clean
  2. Codes UI could be set up to match the other UI
  3. Dont know if this is on purpose, But when you go to the Sell building, the Shop UI opens?
  4. I feel like the Tutorial guy is a good idea as you are not forcing players to do a tutorial, ( not all players like this cough im one lol)
  5. Other wise this is shaping up to be good, i would play this when it comes to market, Im guessing the lobby will have a-lot more Simulator things to do as the developing continues
    keep it up hope this turns out well!

After playing your game and unlocking one map. In this game I’ve got a few points to go over that will improve the quality of the game, therefor hopefully explaining why players engaged only in game for a few minutes. The reason why players only stay in the game for, only a few minutes is the loading screen i believe that’s. Whats effecting your game as once i joined a user! Was in the game already and said to, me (This loading screen is taking forever) and then he left because of that i would. Suggest you shorten the time of the loading screen! So user’s could enjoy and explore around your game, to unlock different maps and levels, that could possible be improved a little more so people will stay. Longer and play your game to collect, equipment and wheat!!

Firstly, I’d like to state that I really enjoyed playing this game and. Honestly I feel it’s very detailed, and it has a lot of potential. This being said, I have a few things to bring up that! Will hopefully help keep users in your game, much more longer then a few minutes and improve, it more as well there is a couple of things you. Could add and fix so user’s could explore and enjoy! Your game just so they could have fun with other, user’s and friends and unlock different maps/levels. Also i heard you guys was about to give up on your, first ever game you and your team created. I hope you guys never give up on your first! Game keep putting more effort into it.

Wheat Field Area/Loading Screen
For starters, I’d like to address the wheat field map and corn field map. I think those different maps and levels you’ve added is a nice improvement, to your game and the ones you include! Such as info, shop, selling, teleport zone, ect. Those really help telling user’s what to do when they first join. No issues here. My problem with this game is the loading, screen know i’m alright waiting still the full game loads! However as i said above you should shorten the, time of the loading screen down a bit more so players. Could play the game and sell there wheat and. Buy different tools/equipment as that’s one of the things! That could be improved for other users once they, want to play you could either remove the loading. In game screen just to give other players a better, chance to play your game or you could just, shorten the time of it as once i joined it took about 20/30 seconds! For me to final load into the full game i thought, it was my laptop messing. Up but it seems to be bothering other users as well, this could be possible improved a little more just so! Players could enjoy explore and have fun in your game.

As for myself it didn’t really affect me it was, just bothering other users that wanted to play your amazing game but couldn’t because. It was taking a while for them to actually fully load! In the game i would recommend you try fixing that, so people would stay in your game much more longer then a few minutes. And (Wheat fields) you added in different areas through the first map which i’m assuming is, the “first level” the wheat fields could be more. Longer and bigger as said above by (@Phenomizon) so other people could collect a lot more! Wheat instead of waiting for it to grow back, as this is most needed because a user could buy the. Most expensive tool and collect all the wheat for, himself and not give other players a chance to collect some i’m also wondering there! Could be a bunch more wheat placed down. On the fields you added in different areas of the, first map because once i joined there is only a couple of wheat placed down on each field! That’s added on the first level that could be improved a bit more just so users. Will be able to collect more and more once, they buy more equipment/tools!

Corn Field Map/Selling Items
Know for the second map i purchased. I think this map looks very well done however, i see you added bones, trees, corn, mountains, ect. I think if it’s a corn field i believe you should, add some more buildings into that, map as it looks a little empty and doesn’t! Hold any kind of details to it i would. Recommend you add some barns, wooden gates, trees, tractors, ect. To the map itself depending on what kind. Of map it’s suppose to be i believe that kind! Of area should have those details in that map since. It’s that kind of style your trying to make and i! Would recommend you add some “Dirt” so the corn, can grow out of the ground. As when i went into the map all i saw was corn growing! Out from a (Tile Floor) which i believe the floor is made of it could be, a dirt floor since the wheat field has grass, you could try doing something like that so it could be more interesting. And as well there could be more corn, placed down on the map as it seems that. Map was much bigger and not enough, corn around the whole map!!

And when i got my (Backpack) filled up, with corn or wheat in those two different fields it. Said my inventory was full which means i have to! Go and sell it and once it was filled up i, could still collect more corn and get more gems. From that field even though my inventory is full, you should add when a player is trying to collect! More corn there should be pop up and say, your inventory is full and it won’t allow them, to collect any more items instill they sell. There items
such as wheat and corn as i see you added! It but you could just collect more and more, even though the pop up told you your inventory. Is full you should try doing something like that! So people won’t think they could just, collect more wheat and get a lot of more, money from it even though they have a 30/30. Backpack that only cost 750 gems as i would try fixing, that a little more as it also made me a! Bit confused because i thought i could just collect. More items and get even more money even though! I have a beginner backpack.

Selling Shop/Broken UI Button
So as i said above you should try adding a pop-up. Inventory screen instead of it coming up once the player collects wheat, or corn as that could be improved a little! More as in my opinion and for the UI button that’s suppose to teleport. You to the selling item shop will it seems it’s a bit broken as once i clicked the, (Sell Button) it teleported me over to the mountain next. To the corn field map as i believe it’s suppose! To send you to the shop instead of different places around the, map as that’s another probably why people, stay just for a few minutes as i’m assuming it’s broken. On my end or it’s effecting other players that play! Your game however those are a couple of, things that could be improved just to get user’s. To play your game more longer then a few minutes! As if you added the final details and fix more. Things your game would be more better, and improved a lot more overall nice job. On your game i really liked it!!

Overall, that is all my feedback and with sincerely. Hope this advice helps into making your game more better and improved so players. Could stay in your game more longer then a few minutes! I’d also like to restate, one last time that I very much enjoyed this game. After the first level and purchasing the (Corn Field Map) and i! Heard you are going to add pets and a, more improved user guide tutorial for other, players to see what to do on your game however. I hope that you can keep creating and adding levels onto this. And never give up on your very first game! Hope to see this game around, and other features/maps added to the game very soon.

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Thank you, so much for your time. I was so good to see someone playing the game, I cant wait for it go get going so I can watch everyone.

All of your feedback is valid. Lets start with that dang loading screen . . looks like we are having an issue with our leader boards. As more users join and we tracked them we were filling up our datasore queue. We have disabled it leaderboards while we fix the backend, and the game loads much better now.

Your feedback on the levels being to bare echoes my partners feeling. He too feels I need more objects to give the levels some life.

The feedback on the Sell button is also been addressed, we just did a big re-work and forgot to move the platform to the barns location.

I think that I can easily add some dirt to the growth stages, I like that a lot.

The feedback on the corn, feeling like there was not enough of them is mostly due to our testing on slower devices (iPhone 5,6). the corn and wheat models kill those devices. I have worked a lot on optimizing those models, so I will try to add more and test.

Again I cant thank everyone enough for your input. I will try to do the same for others.


The one thing I noticed immediately was the fountain, I thought it was a freemodel.
Perhaps the skybox could be some pink floss or something candy related.

I don’t think this game would really attract the kid audience because it seems a little too complicated for them. The trending simulators right now are really basic games with concepts the kids can easily grasp. The tutorial seems really cramped too. Maybe make a basic tutorial and then have NPC/Guides at certain points to navigate the player around.

DarkDeadlyDeath, when you played did you receive a pet after the tutorial? If not can you give it another look? we completely redid the tutorial and gift a free pet to new users.

I have to agree that the more popular simulators are mostly just clickers (where as I click to preform an action, and I am rewarded for it). I’m thinking, that if I was to remove the requirement for selling the harvested items and just reward the player directly for harvesting I can remove a lot of the complexities the game.

The updated version of the tutorial is very well done i like how. It explains what places, are and what your supposed to do in the game, such as this building is for selling wheat/corn this Building is for buying tools and ect. It really gives the basic details of the game which was, really helpful in my opinion the first tutorial was good but it. Just needed some minor detail improvements and introductions for new, user’s once they first join however i like how you, redid the first tutorial it was quite lacking! Information and didn’t get into more details once you. guys updated it to a new version overall you have done a great job. On your game hope to see more improvements very soon! And see what new things you guys include in, your first ever game i’ll visit from time to time.

Know, once i joined your game you first got it out there for collecting feedback on it so. I decided to join again “Yesterday” and after the tutorial, was finished i didn’t receive. A free pet i also joined a second time to see if i did something wrong, and still and all i definitely didn’t get a free pet after the tutorial was finished! I do believe it. Might be a bug going on that’s not rewarding other players! A pet once they go through the whole tutorial i assume. You guys are aware of this issue and are actively working on it however, i’m just bringing it up to your attention overall once i click the tutorial and went through a. Couple of the steps i (Reset myself) and i got stuck inside the tutorial camera. So i had to rejoin again, i do believe that should be fixed! Just in case a user resets. His self by mistake!

Its funny that we never thought of a player resetting themselves during the tutorial, made us find a few other bugs using the Home button, so thank you for that.

We have added a few new features but we are still unable to keep players interested.
Added a new reward system that gives you bonus coins or gems after you harvest items
Now we drop basic recipes when you harvest items
Finished the VIP area with a few VIP only perks
VIP - Change your gear gold
VIP - Daily Chests 2x normal chest amounts
VIP - Treat bar, buy any treat you have access to (this is SOO helpful)

(09/18/2019)- We have created a code that will unlock all the doors in the game, can you give me more of your time to check it out, it wont stay active for very long and the doors will relock if you leave.
The code is “devunlockall”

Firstly After checking the game out again and playing all the, different kind of levels i can say i had a great time exploring all the maps to see what they look like. Mainly the creepy cave one i was in there for 20 minutes or so just collecting all the! Crystals known as salt and i really enjoyed that area since it has a lot more salt for. Other users to collect since the other maps only, have a couple of wheat/corn for a handful of users to collect but! Back on topic overall the different kind of levels are very well done they each have. There own theme which is nice so users, could know which map is what anyways once i first joined, i checked to see if the bug was still occurring on the tutorial man and it seems to be all fixed. So your welcome for me bringing that to your attention anyways This being said, I have a few points to bring up that will hopefully help your game a little bit more. Overall i would try to keep this nice and simple.

Know for the 6 map which i’m assuming. Is the third map this map looks very well done it really has that creepy cave feel to it however, i see you added a skeleton and crystals in that cave which gives it a nice addition to the whole place. And including that crafting area which will get players excited and happy i, think it fits good in the cave! However i think you should, add some more skeletons up against the wall part or some. On top of rocks like the one you added once you enter the cave because it seems, to be a creepy cave so it should implement. The details that’s suppose to be in these kind of caves you, could try adding some lanterns, spiders, sharp rocks, scary trees, ect. To the cave itself depending on what kind. Of style your going for but since it says (Creepy Cave) i do believe your, trying to make it look creepy so you should try adding those kind of details in that map since. It’s that kind of style your aiming for so it should include! Some more creepy things not to much just a. Couple more that could make the players, feel scared to even enter that cave as when i went into the cave all i. Saw was just a skeleton up in the corner inside the! Rock but i was saying to myself since it’s a creepy cave is it suppose to hold those creepy details? But i don’t think it’s suppose to have that since you want it to be a baking kind of game, that collects the ingredients and gets recipes from different kind of levels.

Overall back to the crafting and enchanting, know once i went into the cave to check it out i went down inside the full. Cave and once i looked i saw this place which looked! Like a science lab because it had the glass flask on the, other tables however i just stared at it because i didn’t know what it was but once i clicked. The tutorial girl it told me what it was but then i was thinking you should have the name on the chalkboard! You have on the side of the table in the corner as if you implement that to the cave it well, give players a more understanding to see what this place is. I do believe that will be a great idea to add into that level. I don’t know if you guys where planning on doing that but if you, where i know it well be helpful for me to get, a better understanding to see what these place is but eventually i. Clicked the tutorial to see what it is and then i got a, better understanding to know what this place is for! What it does for players that visit or unlocks this map once they. Purchase the first level overall i would just work on adding more creepy, little details inside the cave so it could. Have that creepy kind of feel to it!!

Inventory/Speed Potion
For starters, i’d like to address the inventory button again as i explained before the (Sell Button) teleported me over to the mountain next. To the corn field map Which has been fixed by you so thank you for that however! Once i collected salt, corn or wheat in those three different map levels the pop-up button. That says your inventory is full sell items i thought it’s suppose to teleport you to the barn, location but it seems once i clicked the “Sell” button. The UI comes up and it seems i can still sell my! Items without going to the barn? Or is that a new update you guys implemented into your, game but i was saying you have the, sell shop right there and it doesn’t make no sense to sell your items. At any place because the barn is where the place your suppose to sell items! Buy things and get other things at so i do, believe it might be a bug or did you guys update the. Selling item location? Just wanted to know, and the harvest speed potion and the muffin i made in the. Crafting map i clicked to give myself a treat and speed and once the! Numbers where going down it seems that the speed, and muffin are stuck at 00:01 it’s still like this right know for 30/40 minutes. And it seems to be no going away these are a couple.

Of bugs that i would recommend you fix before making, new updates to your map because when players join they want to have a nice time! Exploring and buying new equipment but once they get speed the UI is just stuck at the, top of the screen just wanted to bring, that up to your attention or if you guys are aware of these. Bugs and are currently working on it to get them fix then that’s good just wanted to! Notify you guys these two simple bugs are happening anyways. With the other decor your going to be adding, to the game and fixing a couple of bugs. Your game would be more better, and improved a lot more and i know i’ll keep visiting! To see if any more bugs are happening, or things that needs to be fixed or added overall, nice job. On your game i really liked the new updates you added to your game. I know other players well enjoy it!!

Overall once again, that is all my feedback a second time and with sincerely. Hope this little advice helps into making your game more better and improved so players. Could stay in your game more longer! I’d also like to restate, once again that I very much appreciate that you gave a code out so i can explore all the. Different levels and i really enjoyed your game. After going to the (Creepy Cave Map)! I was really having some fun there for a while, more then a couple of minutes and the improved user guide tutorial for other, players Is very well done. I hope that you can keep creating and adding different kind of levels onto this. And never give up on your first game! Hope to see more updates, and other features your going to be adding very soon.

Side note: I would like a update where you could purchase, different kind of vacuums like the low ones instead of getting some with just gems. Because it well take a while for other players to achieve other equipment since they! Cost like 500k to 50k coins you might want to make lower ones so players could get, a good head start overall that, is just a update i would like.

My apologies for the somewhat long reply that may take, time to read just had to explain a lot of more things. That could help your game a little more however my apologies for that. :sweat_smile: