Feedback on GFX (again)

Hello, it’s vxsqi. I made another GFX with a gun this time from my other post as you guys requested. This one looks a bit worse for some reason but I did also add a few motion blur effects. The lighting isn’t as intense as the other post and nor are the particles. Need feedback again to help my work. Knock yourself out with detailed feedback, otherwise keep you can keep it simple :slight_smile:.

Previous post I was talking about: Rate my GFX / DESPERATELY needs feedback


Pretty cool! I can see your improvement, and your GFXs are getting better. So my only suggestions are to reduce the motion blur (it’s on the entire body except for the head). It does also seem to be going in multiple directions, but I’m not so sure.
Try adding a scene next time, I think it would look a lot better with the motion blur if there was a proper background. Make sure your light comes from a specific source, too.

Other than that, great work. Keep it up :happy2:


Oh that’s because there’s two different motion blurs. One was the radial blur which is the blur that zoomed on the head (like you were talking about), and the other blur was the motion blur which you can see the phases of the movement.

I can try making a scene, but I don’t know what scene however.