Feedback on gfx for flash game! Flash: The Awakening

please give feedback and rate 1-10! TY


firstly, put a watermark. secondly,its pretty good but the lighting is a little dark. thirdly the name… no offense, but do you really thing the name should be “the flash the awakening”.
overall (discounting the name) i would probably rate it like a 5-6/10, it’s a bit too dark, and its kinda bland (just the name, a flash character, and a black background).


I would put a watermark on the image so no one can steal it but overall really awesome thumbnails!


what is wrong with the name? fdfdsfds

bruhhh, THE flash The awakening

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why did I just realize that lol

alright, I just rebranded to the flash: beginnings also I do not need watermarks as these are just temp GFX for placeholders. This is FX V2!