Feedback on GFX for Roblox Developers Party!

Hello everybody!

I have just finished a GFX for Roblox Developers Party Give me some feedback on what you think of it :star_struck: Game

Thank you for viewing this topic everybody! Have a great day!


Looks amazing, one of the legs doesn’t look joined up to your torso on your character in this GFX though. Not a huge fan of the white border either. Looks great otherwise.

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I’d say its really good. Though it kinda looks plain probably add some effect or make text bigger, or put some more lighting

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Not a huge fan of the green lighting, but overall amazing work! I love all the poses.

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It looks boring, Also you might want to make the text BIGGER.

Decent progress on your design so far however there is still space for improvements that could bump up the quality of the image.

If you are going to have so much empty spots throughout the scene, I highly recommend adding more features to it or placing some characters interacting with players instead of looking straight into the camera that doesn’t give the theme of a “Developers Party”.

It can be bland and dull but include more characters have them socializing talking hanging out after all it is a party, you could include some vegetation around the design.

If you look at other existing examples of party scene you’ll see it’s more around a beach, store, or outside it would attract more interest if you add more characters at the start it looks like a boring and bland party.

Looks good but boring. You might want to decorate with balloons and confetti and party things. Maybe add some pizza and bloxy cola on the tables in the background.