Feedback on GFX, how can I improve in the future?


I was wondering if I could get a bit of feedback on this GFX that I did recently? Anything would be greatly appreciated as I expect it will be helpful in the future. Thanks.


From someone that has no experience with making gfx, I can honestly say this is one of the best I’ve encountered so far.

I love it! :slight_smile:


This is honestly one of the best GFX’s I’ve ever seen, I don’t see much ways that you could improve other than some more post editing.


This looks really cool keep it up!

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Awesome :+1: it gets a bit too blurry, I get you are focusing the attention, but maybe tone it down, but other than that REALLY nice!

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My friend, you got one powerful computer if you’re able to render that.


the depth of field effect was perfectly incorporated into this scene. posing looks dynamic and great. however, most of the characters are noticeably overexposed due to the lighting, whether you used an hdri, or any sort of object that creates emission. try to position it a bit more to the left or the right, or bring down the emitted energy.


Holy cow, I have no idea how you made that look so good.


Overall it’s not half bad. I see that you have started to explore your software a little bit by creating some kind of realistic scene. However there are many things you could work on to better yourself. For example, that guy who fell - the bump is way too exaggerated and therefore it becomes quite unsightly. As for the clothing that people are wearing - you could actually “break” them apart are re-materialize each part so it fits accordingly. For example, the armor should have a metallic shine, shoes should be textured leather - and so on. You should also have some randomization in grass height. If you reference real life grass - not all the grass have the same exact height. There’s a lot more for you to learn from what I can see in this image - but it’s for you to explore. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Wow , no improvement needed, that’s already a masterpiece…

The poses are great, including the lighting. The blur is well-placed, and does not deduct from the appearance. One of the best GFXs I’ve seen so far. Keep working at it! :+1: