Feedback on GFX (Icon+Thumbnail)

The name of the game be switched to Smash Simulator to Break It!

For this i’ve maded another icon and another thumbnail, how it looks? Can this attract players? One YT with 23k subs want to make a video in this game and another potential investor want to invest.


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On the icon, the render is a bit dark and needs some better lighting. And the thumbnail, it doesn’t give any information on what you’re going to be “breaking” or doing inside the game. Overall, it’s nice but needs some adjustments and it could possibly bring in a decent amount of players.

The thumbnail is maded for make people see how the map be builded, for the icon yeah i will fix it.

Oh, normally you want to show people something about your game in the thumbnail but that’s fine if that’s what you were going for.

It looks like the typical simulator, you might want to make the icon more original.