Feedback on GFX & Pricing

Hello. Recently I’ve decided to change my pricing and I’m looking for second opinions based on my designs. If you could take the time to look at my portfolio and leave suggested prices I would greatly appreciate it.


Current Prices:
Game Icons - 1,000 R$
Profile Pictures - 1,000 R$
Twitter Headers - 1,750 R$
Advertisements - 650 R$
Genre Game Icons - 750 R$
Genre Thumbnails - 1,500 R$
Gamepasses/Badges - 250 R$


Nice post dude. Prices should be higher. Hahahahhaaha.

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Lovely renders and work. Prices would be what you believe is fair and market supply & demand.

I’d definitely order your render work. Great work!

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Impressive graphic art - however most may not have these prices in their price range so you may have to look out for that. Thank you once again and I wish you the best of luck!

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Hi Astrollect,

Nice portfolio. My recommended edits would be:

**Current Prices:**
Game Icons, Profile Pictures - 1,000 R$
Game Thumbnails, Twitter Headers - 2,000 R$
Banner - 1,500 R$
Skyscraper - 1,000 R$
Square - 750 R$
Gamepasses/Badges - 250 R$
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This is the wrong area to post this, this should go in help and feedback

Beautiful work, would 10/10 say prices should be higher

I’ll take that into consideration.