Feedback on GFX profile picture I made

Hi there! I made a twitter profile picture for my friend as this was a good opportunity to test my skills on profile picture GFXs. This is also my first time trying out cloth folding. Please do send feedback, and constructive criticism is appreciated of course! :happy2:



Very nice, the cloth on the left arm is a bit odd but apart from that, kudos!


that’s awesome! keep it up! but maybe you should make a different background

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This looks great! There are however a few things you should consider changing:

  • The cookie she is(n’t) holding, is floating.
  • The Shadows are noisy, like VERY noisy. I know some people love noisy renders in some more realistic scenes, but I really think you should consider using a denoiser for something like this.
  • The background… Well its way brighter than the character, and it takes a lot of attention away from the avatar, whom of course should be the most important part of a Profile Picture. I also noticed the background being a bit stretched. You might have scaled it up a bit too much, considering how sharp the character is.
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