Feedback on GFX Thumbnail!

Decided to try and improve on thumbnails and I was able to whip this up. Feedback and any tips of improvement are very much appreciated!


That is the most LIVELY GFX I have ever seen! It looks absolutely STUNNING! Great work on using the photoshop effects just right! Great work overall!


Wow! this GFX is super amazing. The wall looks real and the lighting in his red eye, High Quality and the particle is great. Love it!


Everything looks good. I suggest you add more to the setting since it is just a weird underground place that’s completely empty. A good setting for this would be an abandoned subway station or something.


Usage of rendering and photoshop is great! However it does look a little strange that they are confined within a box.

Constructive Criticism:

Make the texture on the back wall flow with the floor and the wall on the right.

Make the setting feel more realistic such as actual landscape or maybe gas stations really does depend on what the game is.

Make the roof height taller in confined areas such as this.


The textures looked slight stretched in some parts.

The room is too light.

The wall textures don’t match

The Bokeh effect doesn’t fit well., The room is too empty

The roof isn’t high enough

The guy on the ground has his leg clipping.

The cartoony blood is clearly made of two parts and is too rough.

The red light reflecting on the roof makes no sense.

I would recommend making the scene darker and adding some fog, as well as trying to improve all the things I mentioned.

Good idea though!

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I think it looks great, but it could use something in the background so it doesn’t look so… empty.

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I think everything looks great!


The render looks amazing

I just want to say that personally I don’t see the point of the flame particles around the screen since I don’t see any fire or destruction that would logically originate these. If you really want to use some particles I recommend going for a Dirty Lens effect.
In addition of that (just saying personally, according to my style and just recommendations for post-proccessing), blooming the light tube, saturate the colors a bit and make it a bit more colder (adding a more bluey tone) since it looks like an underground place, and any vignette.

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It looks fabulous! But maybe consider making the lighting a tad bit darker.

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The posing needs work a bit. look a bit overused or slightly stiff
the dead player’s pose needs tremendous work because that’s not how a player should be.
the walls are stretched. needs a bit of work
and add a tiny amount of reflectiveness to the blood so it does simulate blood not a disk of some kind.
and finally, give more context of the fire particles that are popping out, maybe add a fire and possibly make an orange emission behind the camera to roughly tell that “there’s a fire behind the camera”.

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