Feedback on GFX

Hi there, I made this GFX in Blender using Eevee and it looks absolutely amazing. I want some feed back to improve on my work. Please tell me how to improve it if you can, otherwise just throw feedback at my face :grin:.


Wow it looks insane
I believe more can be done but that depends on the purpose of the GFX e.g game-related, youtube related, etc
And for a programmer you are really good at gfx

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Yeah I am, in terms of lighting and design. If it comes to terrain I’m absolutely horrible since good GFX artists need to atleast know how to do that stuff.

Not to mention, but using this as a pfp looks extremely badass and sick.

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yeah that as pfp would be most definitely insane

It looks nice! But I would add some more detail around the player instead of making it completely pitch dark. Overall, it looks nice. :+1:

It looks great! Maybe add some 3D accessories to the torso, like a vest or something to add more deph, but overall it’s great.

It looks great! Maybe add more detail to the player, but overall the gfx is awesome!

Mad talent dude, I love the colors. nice work!