Feedback on gfx

I just finished this gfx personally i say its my best so far please give feedback this is my 4th gfx i made and i think its again very successful.

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The like the warm lighting that you have added to the graphics design, I also like the props in the scene. A few of my suggestions would be…

  • Decrease the amount of lighting because it is hard to see everything else
  • Add more props
  • Add more dunes
  • Possibly texture the sand

Thanks for the feedback i will begin working on it!

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I agree with you, he should decrease the amount of lighting.

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I decreased the intensity of the lighting (above) it kind of fixed it

Okay, Keep up this great job. :sparkling_heart:

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If you used blender, I assume you used the sun object for lighting, I do not recommend this as it does add wonky shadows if the sun is not positioned and orientated the correct way.

Maybe just use a point light and increase the power?

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The GFX is wayyy to bright, I can’t understand what’s going on.

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