Feedback on GFX

Hey everyone I made a new GFX!

Render time: A LONG TIME (I don’t think my computer likes me making GFXs)

Please give your honest opinion on this GFX.

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Hey there!
I think your GFX looks amazing! I think that the way you made the shadows and rendered the room around the character is absolutely stunning to me. In my personal experience, I usually render the character as transparent then put a background in, however, you have created an absolutely amazing work of art here. So talented!

Thanks for letting us give feedback.

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Its pretty cool overall and I love the lighting in this but one thing I have to point out is the posing.

The posing is a little unnatural to me and super stiff. The legs are attached to each other which is a little weird and can be fixed by a simple rotation. The arms are also attached to the torso which can be fixed by also rotating it outwards.

For a beginner gfx artist this is pretty good. :slight_smile:

Hey there! This GFX is looking pretty good. I love some of the aspects of the lighting and the colors are nice (in my opinion). But I do have a suggestion, you could possibly either make the bed, or the avatar stand out a bit more. It’s as if the character is almost mixed in with the bed, it can get a bit confusing to look at. But other than that, great GFX!

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Mhm! Thank you for giving feedback!

Amazing, much better than the last one, the shadows are good and overall the render is quite realistic and I like that!

Rating: 10/10