FeedBack On GFX

Feedback On GFX (Im New to GFX)


It looks pretty nice, but I think you should add some effects to it.

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I’m New To This And i Like It how it is Basic.
But Thank You For the FeedBack :slight_smile:

No problem, ngl I still my self can’t add cool effects.

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Haha, Same I Tried to add but im still learning PHOTOSHOP

Looking quite nice for a person new to gfx! I really like the effect it’s giving off.
Could definitely use a thing or two to fill up the scene and give it more of a story, but it’s looking fantastic!

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Thank You, And i Would Add Stuff To Fill it Up But i Wanted it To Be Basic.

Yup - I started the same way, don’t worry. It’s looking great!

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