Feedback on GFX

Hi! I’ve been doing GFX for 3 months now and this is one of my recent GFX. (I know the gun is transparent because I was really sleepy when I made this GFX and I forgot to fix it ;w;) let me know what you think. :slight_smile:


Mayble size down the gun. It looks pretty big. Other than that, it is good! Keep up the good work!


I don’t think that posing is correct. Normally, the character’s right hand will be holding the trigger.


oooh didn’t notice that lol, thanks for pointing it out.

it great i love it but why did some of the part of the gun is invisible

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The lower down the specular of the landscape. Also, there are these holes or something… idk what it is but it doesn’t suit the background. Correct the tranparancy of the front part of the gun. Reduce the size of the gun and pose it properly. Other than that, great GFX for a 3 month experienced GFX artist. Keep it up :+1:


Scale the gun a bit smaller and also fix the pose. Plus the gun’s upper part is transparent. Go to shading and delete the Alpha node there to fix it. Everything else is fine, good job.



It looks really good but i don’t get why the gun is transparent.

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It looks good, but in my opinion, the mountains look a bit to shiny. I don’t use blender, so I don’t know how you could fix that, but maybe look for an option to reduce how shiny the mountains are? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys! It made my day.

This render is really nice, however I think it could be improved if you fixed the posing, and changed the shadows, where is the sun? I cant really see a shadow in any direction, I feel like the legs are too close and both bent forwards, maybe try moving one backwards or lifting it up off the ground like shes walking, If you google “soldier holding gun” you will find that people really hold guns like this.

Also the background seems buggy and very flat with the colours, maybe try working on making a realistic background for the render in the future, other than these minor things really good work!

Hope this helps and good luck with your future graphics :slight_smile:

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I agree. Very good work with the lighting and the rig but the background seems a bit lifeless. So I came up with a possible solution:

Maybe try making the hills smoother and maybe add a little sandstorm effect. :desert: You can also maybe improve the humanoid by making look like its walking.

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