Feedback On GFX

My name is Patrick and I started doing GFX Today. I Watched Some Decent Tutorials, I Really Think Im Getting Better On The First Day. I Had Some Attempts Trying To Make A GFX Without Any Tutorials and It Was HORRIBLE. Well, Here’s My GFX. (First one)

Any Tips Are Appreciated. I Know What Your Thinking- I dont Have A Watermark.
Well People Could Just Steal My Work And Claim It As Their Work, But I Will Find Them. (or im just to lazy to make a watermark)

The Avatar In The GFX is @DevKeyRBLX So A Big Thanks To Him For letting This Happen!



That is really good! I’ve always wanted to do GFX but my computer always broke when I opened blender! All in all, it’s really good, and you should be proud!


Hmm, I thought you had been doing GFX for a lot longer. Anyways, I like it! Maybe you should try using a rig next time.

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If You Catch Anyone Stealing My Work, Please Contact Me Right Away.

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Well, I Have Been Doing GFX Since Last Month But They weren’t as good As This One, Because I Didn’t watch any Tutorials. I’m Just Starting Fresh.

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New Project (3)

Try fixing the lighting underneath the hat, as it looks weird.

Though this is your first one, you do have potential for others in the future. :+1:

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Yes, I Have just noticed. I’m Not that Great At Using Lighting in Blender. I’ll try To do Better In the Future. Thanks For Noticing!

That’s adorable! I started making graphics (GFX) 2 years ago in 2018. My first GFX was a lot worse, I didn’t know how to make the background transparent. :joy:

For your first GFX, that is amazing! Keep practicing and you’ll get better at it.

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It’s amazing how a lot of beginner GFXs artists manage to learn how lighting works, I used spotlight for the sun in my first GFX :sweat_smile: your GFX is pretty nice, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement! As mentioned, use a rig for the character to apply more detailed poses for it. Besides that, move the camera to somewhere more suitable for the GFX, the torso looks like a flattened picture since the camera is just right in front of it. Last but not least, if you’re afraid that someone might steal your GFX, but still lazy to make a watermark at the same time, drawing something ( like drawing your name with your mouse on the GFX, it doesn’t have to be perfect since it’s just a watermark ) on the GFX is already enough, since nobody wants a GFX with a drawing in front of it. Other than that, great job, keep up the nice work! :wink:

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The lighting seems decent and quite simplistic you should try adding a more vibrant background to reflect those colors to enhance the design a bit you could stay to the original theme but adding something that brings those colors out will be a good approach.

While the design looks good did you use a 3D software to create this? If so if your using a 3D program you can add a bit of realism. And try to add all your effects in the render it self, depending if this is for a type of practice design for learning. Maybe use some HDRIs so you can get good reflection and better lighting on your character and background it will make the render look more realistic if your going for that sort of approach.

Otherwise it’s a decent start.

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