Feedback on GFX


I don’t know what’s the deal with faceless renders but they actually look good. you need to use the OpenImageDenoise to at least smooth out the noises in the piece. but overall these are good. keep it up!

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Looks good but you could add a few things to the background. Overall nice

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wow they are super I like GFX is a good job I congratulate you

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In which one? What might I add?

I feel like adding props in the background wont be a fitting touch. I feel like the background looks fine as the way it is if you where to add anything in the background you could perhaps add some objects or a blocks thrown on the ground i would assume the background is left like this regarding your experimenting with reflection to have a more realistic design or it may be something you just wanted to create.

It may be a good idea to spice up your background a bit referring in the second graphic design.

Maybe add something to make it look like the player is falling off of something just to have a more realistic view, you could remove the noise by increasing your rendering samples. Other then that it’s a simplistic decent design. :slightly_smiling_face:

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the concept with the second one was that you are looking up at an angel, but it really love that idea of someone falling off a ledge.