Feedback on Graphic Design!

Hey there!

Around 2 weeks ago I finished making a graphic design, though sadly the commission was canceled.

I’d like feedback on it! :slight_smile:


This is some really good GFX!
But I did notice that the legs of the character are sinking into the floor, which is wierd considering it is a solid floor.
But other than that, this is really good!


Thanks for the feedback!

I didn’t know how to do that pose without making it like that, or making the character float xd

I think it’s good. One feedback I would say is that it’s too dark. Even if you’re going for a spooky theme, it’s way too dark to see anything, in my opinion. Add some small highlights to make it eerie and pop out, maybe?

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I wanted to keep it dark to show off the computer screens (I tried both lit up well and darkish (the current one) and my friends also thought that it was better being dark!)

Hey @leeeee111! Your graphic is amazing. One of the leg seems to be sinking to the floor.

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I mentioned that above, I couldn’t do that pose without having it clip through the ground a bit. Next time though I’ll try my best to fix that. :slight_smile:

Nice! Although there are some small details that should be fixed. First of all, the wall has a nice material and texture, but then there are no textures on the chairs and tables. The lighting is a bit dark, and if you were going for that theme, then the shadows should be more prominent. The computer’s screens should be brighter and I would recommend adding some bloom to really enhance that effect. The character’s feet are also sinking into the ground. Overall, this is really nice. :happy2:

Thanks for the feedback!

I couldn’t figure out how to get a plastic texture for the chair so I just tried doing a reflective dark texture. I didn’t know wether to increase the brightness or not, but as I was going for an older look I just stuck with a small brightness.

I’m guessing the shadows didn’t appear very much for the character because it was already dark.

Anyhow, I’ll take your feedback for my next graphic design!

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Its nice different an unique. Really love it

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