Feedback on Graphics

Hey! I’ve recently just made an Icon, Thumbnail, and Game Passes for a WIP sword fighting game I’m developing.

I’d appreciate any feedback, positive or negative in regards to any of these graphics. No criticism is too big or too small.




Game Passes:


The gamepasses/badges (im not sure which one they are) are really good the gfx is really good. However the game title font seems to me wayyyy too flat. Also the sword seems blurry. That is it for my criticisms

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They are all labeled. Also, I appreciate the criticism.

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Sorry if this Feedback is a little hard

  • The Thumbnail and icon doesn’t tell me about the game at all try adding some gameplay shots in the thumbnail
  • The game pass doesn’t show me any benefits in the thumbnail for example in adopt me the game pass thumbnails show what your a getting where it be a pet or a vehicle.
    I hope you get the idea behind this feedback.
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No need to apologize. Thanks for the feedback!

The icons look nice, though I feel like the thumbnail should have some game play images just for your players to get a quick glance on what the game looks like, keep up the nice work though

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I’ll keep in mind adding game play images. Thank you!