Feedback On group Logos

Our group wants a new logo, as we are moving on to a new era for our group. We are wanting to have a more modern looking group logo. Our group game is a zombie fighting FPS, so we wanted to have that in our logo.

The problem is that we can’t decide between a few different designs. I was wondering if we could get some feedback about which design was best, or ways to improve on the designs.

Thank you for any suggestions or ideas you may have!


If you were to go for a modern look, I think that the first one would be the best. However, I’d move the character to the middle and make it larger as there is a lot of empty space.

Alternatively, you could combine the first and third designs so that the zombie in the third design is grayed and replaces the character in the first design. This would keep the modern and clean feel of the text and the background while bringing in more of a zombie feel.