Feedback on gui

i’d like some feedback on this gui
the white button is what buttons look like when you hover over them

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The text looks stretched and I’m not sure why, other than that looks good!

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that’s because i didn’t correctly scale the image correctly, which is something sort of tricky considering the font looks stretched

On the image-label you can find a option for it to be, stretched / the options.
I suggest picking “Fit”

ended up with this

Looks a lot better! I like the effect you made for the background, though the stroke for the text buttons are nice. You can try removing it?

am not really sure what you mean by stroke since my english isn’t that good. Am using gimp, and the “stroke” button in gimp gives an outline to a selection, is that what you mean ?

Yeah, stroke is an outline, I was suggesting you to remove it.

it would look like this

honestly, they don’t look like buttons no more lol

Oo wow they do kinda look… bland

I can try to recreate your GUI and see what can be improved? Only if you agree of course.

i have no problem with that, go ahead

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This is actually my first time making something like this, not a big fan of it but you might like it? I was just experimenting with the color you choose.

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oh wow, that looks about 5 times better, i feel like a failure…
jokes aside, i really like what you made, however i won’t completely take it thing, i will just try to make something similar while keeping my original thing.
thanks for putting effort to help me !

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Yes, of course! I’m glad I can help, feel free to take inspiration!

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I suggest changing the font because the Italic (slanting text) doesn’t fit very well

i also did what @DybalaplaysYT and here is the result
also here is another version
which you think is better ?