Feedback on gymnastics gymnasium

This is a gymnastics gym which I am currently working on. I would love to receive some feedback!




I love the props placed around the facility! However, I noticed a lot of things you could fix up.

  1. The walls/ceiling are very plain, I’d suggest adding banners, signs, or maybe some hanging down lights.

  2. The structure of the build isn’t very fine. Some poles and more parts going through the glass would help a lot.

  3. In my opinion, the color scheme isn’t very interesting. It looks like it could use some contrast.

The gymnasium itself has a really good size, but it definitely has space for extra mats and training equipments around to make it look more like an actual gym. Maybe adding more details to the windows will also be better? I recommened some other colors than just white. You can also use textures for a better outcome. Since it looks you’re going for a modern style, I recommend using modern wooden walls, grey bricks, and reflective blocks here and there. Otherwise, the colored wall looks great! I also really like the placement of all the equipments. :slight_smile: