Feedback on "Halloween'ish" GFX

Hey there, I just recently created a GFX for Halloween. I really want some honest feedback and how to achieve that.

I am aware about the light shining position on the blade and the pose.

Constructive criticism appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


too dark. Maybe add some orange in the side. Or make the moon glow.

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The moon already is glowing if you look closely, I tried to make it also not too bright. I’ll try adding colours however I feel it won’t look too good.

I just mean that it looking dark makes it look weird. Just my opinion. Keep in mind that it’s your GFX not mine. You can do what you want in it. Don’t let someone dictate how you make your games or creations. Unless you want to.

Yeah, I know. I just like experimenting with other peoples’ thoughts. When you mean colours on the side, what exactly do you mean? You don’t have to answer. I’m really sorry.

No need to be sorry. By color i mean on the right or left or something. I dont really know lol

That’s absolutely fine if you don’t know. Maybe the theme of my GFX shows that two colours look a bit better.

How to make arms like that is that skinned mesh

Probably Blender.

I know the gfx is made in blender but how to make arms like that is there any tutorial?

I know the gfx is made in blender but how to make arms like that is there any tutorial?

There are plenty of tutorials that you can probably find online. Now, I don’t use blender very much nor am I interested in doing so but I’d suggest searching something like “roblox gfx tutorial”. Kind of obvious but whatever. Hope this helps you out a little :+1:

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It never shows that thing.If u know any pls tell?

The light physics looks weird the light must be falling back due to moon.

it too hard to see anything, the background lighting doesn’t blend with the scene lighting, the ground is metallic, i dont like it being black and white, you need better posing, better character design, and better lighting

Nice Halloween Submission, i recognized this art from GFX comet, Lol. Enjoy your day vxsqi

I don’t know if I’m allowed to send Youtube links, but search up on online “roblox gfx tutorial”. You’ll find one eventually.

What is gfxcomet pls send a link