Feedback On Hammer

So, yet again, i’m looking for some feedback on a recent model of mine. Today I have modeled a hammer in blender, and I wanted some feedback. So my questions today are.:

  • What could I improve on?
  • How much could this be worth?
  • Rate it on a scale of 1/10.

Thank you.

Hammer Model


I’m still a beginner with Blender so unfortunately I can’t give any advanced technical feedback, but I have to say that this model looks absolutely amazing! If you give it a really good texture I could definitely see it listed in the catalog for at least three hundred Robux, probably more. If I had enough I would definitely purchase it! I can also picture it being in a high quality fighting game as well! Great work!


Impressive hammer! I’d definitely give a 7/10, now let me tell you why. First I’d suggest flattening the hammers side,Hammers%20side as there’s rarely edges on the X-axis, a quick way to flatten this would be to select one size of the side part and press S + X + 0. Another area I’d improve on is possibly making certain areas of the handle, and pole that’s connecting the top and bottom smooth shading so that you can’t see the edges so easily. An easy way towards doing this would be clicking on your object and pressing W + S (On blender 2.8). Other than these details the Hammer looks great, and depending on the texture can easily be around 200-300 robux.

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Great work!! You are to a fantastic start with your future modeling career here on Roblox, and I am excited that you are learning. Now is a better time than ever to get started. First of all, I absolutely love the use of the bevel modifier on the “Head” of the hammer, it really gives it that touch of depth that it needs. Secondly, I can tell that you are going for a nice low-poly look, as that is very popular and in-demand right now. I touch I would add is a slight decimate modifier to triangulate the faces of the mesh, and give the illusion of more complex, yet simpler geometry. Here is an example of what I would do with it:

Other than anything mentioned above, you have an enormous potential. Everybody is always looking for a Blender Modeler, and I hope to see you applying for contracting positions very soon!

P.S. its my DevForum anniversary today ;D


I strongly disagree with adding any form of smooth shading or subdivision surface modifier to this mesh. It may look nice for some styles, but without the shading, materials, or even color to this mesh, the edges define the low-poly style. Any form of edge-smoothing or subdivision modifiers, excluding bevel and decimate, would be detrimental to the overall style of the model.

I disagree with your remark.

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Understandable, and I agree with your response. Though I may have worded my suggestion poorly but I assumed that he wasn’t aiming for a low poly look, as he never stated so. I agree, smooth shading, and/or a subdivision modifier would look unfavorable for a low poly model. Though as just said @cadjonathan never stated he was aiming for a low poly style and so I believe it’s possible this is a misunderstanding on both our parts, at least until @cadjonathan states what style he went for.

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