Feedback On Homestore?

I’m looking for some feedback, on my homestore the theme is cyberpunk, if there are any detail suggestions I will take them in, I am looking for ratings and suggestions!


The homestore itself is quite nice, although I think you fiddled a bit too much with the Reflectance property.
However the location of the store in relation to the other buildings outside, combined with the buildings’ weird appearance, makes the environment feel more like a dystopian city than a vibrant ‘night lights’ city. As least it feels like that to me, I probably just read too much dystopian fiction.


Yeah its looks great, really cool aesthetic, maybe swap out the spanner model for something more cyberpunk, like a pocket computer/ iphone or something??? also the boom box would be better if it was matching neon pink too! maybe you could create different tiers and colors of boombox and iphone im sure people would like to personalize the style to go with their clothing.?
Either way awesome build works well, no bugs!


Hiya! First thing I want to get out of the way is the skybox! I spawned facing up and there was a really bad line between the sides of it and the top of the skybox. But anyways, moving onto the build! I thought it was a great concept as i’ve actually not seen one of these styles of homestore with that cyberpunk, Japanese feel. I recommend making it a bit more detailed, definitely for example with the glass stairs that are just literally floating. Add more structure than just one pillar that is the same texture and colour. Also, you should show of the clothing stands better and detail them as the display is the main thing that attracts the user to that product your trying to show. But in summary, just add more detail and play around with the lighting (as well try to add more detail around the build than walls and small outer buildings). Other than all this, good attempt and i’m excited to see some things you have in the future! I hope this criticism wasn’t too harsh but helps your in your future developing here on Roblox! :slight_smile:


Hello, I love the interior design and the cool frames on the wall. But maybe you could improve the exterior design including the sky-box, and the buildings around.