Feedback on Homestore

I’ve been working on a Homestore for quite a while, but I’m not satisfied with it. It seems a bit empty to me sigh

What do you think? How can I improve it? :sweat_smile:


I think you can improve it by creating and island/adding more trees than just the homestore. (Atleast that seems to be what the homestore is on)


Great idea! Thanks for the reply :smile:

It looks way better then most home stores I saw on roblox, Congratulations you impressed me!


Thanks for the compliment! Really made my day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Looks good, although maybe you can try adding like some ground and some trees and decorations, maybe some benches or stuff.


The lighting and the colours used complements the interior nicely, and give of that pleasing aesthetic look. The contrast of the colours point to certain features such as the clothing and the furniture.

I don’t know what the green thing is supposed to be, but its rather distracting to the eye, and takes away from the final piece. The contrast of that part is way too high. Perhaps, you can try changing it to a darker colour, or you might want to remove it entirely.

Interior aside, the exterior is slightly bland. You might want to consider environmental aspects such as terrain,
or a structure, small assests such as benches, trees and a platform for the homestore to lay on. For example, roads surrounding the structure, etc. I feel you presented purely just the homestore, so I shouldn’t really critique on the background.

The exterior also has some stuff going on such as that peach long part and other parts sticking out, thats slightly distracting as well. You might want to tidy those bits up a bit. The blue floor doesn’t really stick to the palette, so you might to want to consider your colour choices.

Overall, it’s a nice homestore build.


Thanks for the reply!

I’ve tidied the place up a bit and it currently looks like this

I agree with the “green thing” it’s a lily pad by the way.
It looked off and didn’t fit with the interior.

The blue floor is supposed to be water. I think It looks pretty nice. I could maybe texture it to make it look like it. I’ve also added a swing as you can see. Does it look right?

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i agree with the others, it looks pretty good, nice and calming, but I do think you could do with adding a small island or two near the homestore, or put the building itself on an island.

Yes! I’ve thought of adding a platform for the Homestore to make it look better. I’m trying to imagine and get ideas about how It’s going to look like. :grin:

Actually not bad. Ambiance and lighting have a cozy feel to it. However, as others have mentioned, having an outside environment would be nice. FrostBite makes a great point of adding more environmental features. As always with any build, there is always room for improvement and additions.

Some ideas/suggestions:

  • Adding floating islands to the environment
  • Environmental features; such as trees, bushes, island waterfalls, etc.
  • Props outside/inside the Homestore (depends on the theme of the build IMO)

These are the current ideas I have at the moment. If I come up with others, I’ll edit this message.

Great job! Keep it up and hopefully, your build will become what you envision it to be :clap: :smile:

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I’ve suddenly remembered this game and decided to improve it since I’ve progressed my skills a lot over the time.

Here are the results! I decided to remove all the mannequins and make the build into a “cozy cafe”.

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Wait. Homestore commissions still exist???

On a real note, I like the sunrays, if a low to mid poly style is your aim you’re doing well.

Also, you remind me to add lightbeams to spotlights, so props on that.

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Hahaha :joy: I’m happy I reminded you to add lightbeams and thanks for the compliment. To be honest I have no idea what building style it’s supposed to be. :sweat_smile:

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