Feedback on hospital interview center

Hey! I am making a hospital interview center.


Please give feedback/ suggestions!


It looks good so far however in my opinion, I would recommend adding a white wall with plastic material on it, I don’t think a brick theme looks really good, maybe try expanding the place to add more interview rooms at the moment they’re quite small and plain and from the front and the main area. It would make it blend in you could also try adding hanging lights and possibly plants, tvs inside the sitting part, however if you’re going for a basic design I’ll try changing the sitting to make it have other shapes.

Inside the building, if you consider placing a ceiling onto it’ll look dark, so you should consider experimenting with some lighting to get a more welcoming feel. I am not a huge fan of having the bricks and not windows on the walls. You should place some glass on the walls so it won’t just be a plain box.

When you try to create these types of builds or try to get ideas from, you should look at some existing builds and images of the thing that you are trying to create. Doing this will give you some more inspiration and something to get ideas from. I would recommend you check some existing interview centers out to get ideas:


In my opinion it doesn’t really look like a hospital. Maybe remove some of the textures and add more things that you may see in a hospital. Also, the tables are off center and in different positions in each room. Centering them will make the map look much better.

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I would modernize it a bit more. The plain chairs there just looks a bit empty. Other than that, good work so far.

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It isn’t a hospital, it is an interview center that I am making for my hospital group.

Oh ok. Still, making it look a little more hospital themed might be better for the game. And again the tables are in various positions.

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it looks pretty good but in my opinion it looks quite empty and the floor with wooden planks looks a bit weird.

For the floor try removing some space between the planks.
Try adding stuff like plants, windows or paintings on the wall for example.

for the rest it doesn’t look bad!

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