Feedback on how to improve this model

I made a refrigerator yesterday. I think something is wrong with it, what could it be? I personally can’t work it out.


Well, I don’t know about you but my fridge has a door…


Try replacing some of the bottom shelves with drawers, maybe?

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Eh, I could do that, and also move the rack up.

“slide left to open” but yea I might add a handle

But the door isn’t there…


Mmm yes good fridge… hm you could make the interior closer to white I guess and an even source of light inside of it? Maybe a light blue
I’m not sure it might look strange to you because it has nothing in there, try putting stuff in that thang also maybe one of these things image

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Add a slightly semi-transparent door with handle.And then somewhat like a track for moving the part, making it look realistic

  1. door. Most fridges have a door.
  2. Add drawers at the bottom, like humidity control drawers.
  3. maybe put a logo or a cool pattern on the top.

Hope this helped. :+1: :+1: :+1:

This reminds me of a fridge for holding stock of items. if you are going for a family-house fridge maybe put some drawers in it and some compartments. But a very nice model!

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Indeed it is:

Welcome back! Added a handle now. Open at your own will!

You could try making it semitransparent so it’s more obvious that there is a door to the fridge. I also think that the fridge could do with some more little accessories to it, like a fan in the top corner. Or a fridge “forehead” as seen in the image.

Yes, I’ll do that when I have time (which is not today :frowning:)