Feedback on Idle animation

I created an Idle animation for my Game. Can I get some feedback?

robloxapp-20200720-1838101.wmv (364.8 KB) (Sorry,i dont know how to make videos yet! :sweat_smile: )

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The animation looks pretty bad, the head goes full 360 (I’m not sure you purposely did that but okay), and the legs are just go sliding across the ground (again, did you do that for showcasing? I have no idea). Overall it looks like some sort of a monster or a robot perhaps, it looks really confusing.

You could take some reference to make your animation better, like someone standing or an idle animation in a game. Maybe add a personality as well. For example, having a strong buffy pose represent a character that are heavy, big, probably a boss fight, or having a small and maybe nerdy-looking pose represents a character that are good at chemistry (wizard, you know).


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to do all of those things next time!

(Also, the head wasnt suppose to move at all, i had to rotate it because the torso kept moving the head

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