Feedback on idle animation?

  1. I would love to have a RPG NPC idle animation.


It looks pretty okay, but it would be much better if:

  1. Adding more keyframes and secondary animation to the NPC. Take the player as an example, they have 2 animations, one is standing, two is their secondary animation (Looking around is the default)

  2. Create “offset” to the keyframe (delaying some of them in general) to create some realism

  3. Express his emotion and status. For example, is he strong? Brave? Is his sword really heavy, light? Is he proud of what he did? You know the drills

  4. Maybe try to use a different type of tween as well, most popular ones I think are Sine and Quad, but it’s up to you (Don’t spam them though)

Overall, it is a sort of robotic, and the use of the body is not much. At least the poses are okay, so 6/10 for me. You did well though.

Good idle, but I would I have 2 things that bug me.

  1. The breathing is too fast, as soon as he inhales, he immediately exhales, and then immediately inhales. It happens just a bit quick, so I would add some delay.
  2. I would fix his left arm, as it looks incredibly odd to see it like it has broken off a bit.
    Apart from that, pretty good animation. Great job! :smile:
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This might not actually be used for one specific character. At most this would be used for side quest characters or friendly NPCs.

That’s the point, although this would use for side quest, you should make them feel “alive” to add some environment and mood.

Very new to animating myself but I would say spacing the keyframes out a bit would help.
Don’t have them all sit in a straight line or it looks unnatural and stiff. Just move them about a bit and it should help :slight_smile: