[FeedBack] on Japanese shop


Well, please take a screenshot at another direction. I can’t see very well, but as much as I can see this looks cool, and simple.

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Dang, that’s hot! Here are some hints:


  • You should actually add some more things on the outside, since it looks basic. I like the style of the walls though.

  • You should try a flat roof.

That’s all i can think of! Please provide us with more pictures so we can give more feedback!!

You guys asked for more screenshots so here you are

I love the build the simplicity and how it looks in general.

  • -Some notes to take-

  • I would for one add a little bit more to it, talking like add maybe other buildings around it expand it leading onto more of the environment based.

  • I would also include that I feel as if maybe something at the front to give it more of a feel for the player to see, allowing the player and themselves to feel as if they where there.

  • EDIT: Forgot to mention you may wanna tone down the neon as it can be quite irritating to the player if it’s to bright.

Other than that good build with nice simplicity and enjoy the rest of your day!

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Pretty nice! I would say The text could be re-alined The sign brightness could be toned down a little
the interior of the shop is peaking out, which could be fixed.That’s mostly all I can give feedback to because there’s not much to criticize :sweat_smile: you did really good on this build! :white_check_mark:

this looks amazing, but i dont understand, is the style futurisctic or medeavel?

Hello! This is very nice! The neon is very bright though, it makes it hard to read the Japanese letters.