Feedback on Knife model and animations

Hello, this is a knife model and a few animations i have been working on recently and i want to hear feedback from you.
this is a video showing the animations in first person (meanwhile i also showed the roll animation)

and this is the knife model

Feel free to comment anything and let me know if i need to improve.


It looks like the knife is far away from you. When using the knife as a weapon, you won’t hold it in a straight hand.

that might be because my character’s ridiculous bundle mixture. the left arm is too small and it creates a weird vision.

Even with both arms looking the same, it looks like the knife is too far away from you.

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first 2 animations was really good but the thrust anm was really bad and
it seems no dmg on that lol, you should search for ref and get re-animate for it

anims are very. VERY stiff it can use some easing and some more flow

The knife model is pretty basic, adding some colors (and maybe even materials) would definitely add some life to it. In addition, the way the character holds the knife is slightly odd. Maybe bring the knife a good amount closer to the camera, and allow the arms to take up less space on the view - right now they’re slightly obstructing the view of the game.

The animations themselves are very nice, and I can imagine that they would work very cohesively in a game - great job!