Feedback on latest render

Hello there.

Here’s my latest commission, took an hour and a half to edit and half an hour to render.
I’m really looking to improve so give me some constructive criticism and some tips!
(I use Cinema 4D and Photoshop)



I suggest moving from C4D to Blender. Also, that shade across the characters chest is weird. The lighting is not consistent, and too bright on most parts. Pretty good render though! :slight_smile:

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I just noticed the shade it was a mistake.
Blender’s buttons are all over the place and are eye-straining if that makes sense.


It’s a lovely GFX. Just something you should look out for is the lighting. As you can see there light coming from the back of the head. This indicates your lighting comes from behind not upfront but your character front shows otherwise. (indicating that there light towards the front of your character) This collides showing there light from the back and the front? Or I could be completely wrong. Else nice work on the GFX! I really love that detail on the crown :+1:

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Very Nice! Do you have a portfolio and pricing?

The arm dips in on the left which looks kind of strange. Other than that, it looks pretty clean. :+1:21529ec46b71dcc632d8c79038fd7990

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The shirt appears to be a bit fuzzy around the black outlines. Other than that I think it looks cool.

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The gfx is well done, although the arms seem to be going a bit into the torso but the gfx is perfect

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