Feedback on Lobby

Hello, thanks for clicking

I have made a lobby for my game Bomb Frenzy
I decided to go with a retro theme
Tell me what you think


If you want more pictures, sure, it wont be the full lobby, (I have a view limit)
Tell me any suggestions, they will help
Gameplay isnt done, so dont ask about it

Thanks for reading

I might not reply until much later, School


Happy Home + Crossroads = Lobby :nerd_face:


ngl if I was to stay in that lobby for 2 minutes it would piss me off and eventually gonna go out of the game it’s to cringy and boring tbh


Thats the og happy house i think the players that are underage will prbl think it as no update or old game ngl

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Is this supposed to be mean or something , if yes , you shouldn’t really reply as he made a topic only for feedbacks

mean it still counts as feedback, even if its not the type of feedback they wanted

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I wouldn’t really call it as a feedback. They just said "Happy Home + Crossroads = Lobby " How is this supposed to help

probably stating its basic / unoriginal, its what i got from it

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otherwise lobby looks pretty nice :+1:


Yea, that is what I was thinking myself, I will try and make a better lobby, something that represents the game

If you feel that way, I will change it

So it should be a little bit futuristic
Next time I make it, the happy house will not be there

Its just unoriginal

Ok, I am changing the lobby, a lot
What can I change

  • Change the size of the lobby
  • Change the retro look of the lobby
  • Just make the lobby really basic, (Custom minigames)
  • Make one building the lobby
  • Make the lobby retro and have some bomb designs
  • Nothing

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Not to be mean thoo but it’s really nice it’s my own opinion tho someone else may like it.

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It’s basic and iconic, that’s why i think it will be quite picky for players. To be more specific, only og players got the idea of it, new one think your game is outdated. But other than that, i think it’s nice.

Maybe you can try to make something more unique and lobby-like.

I hope this helps!

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I do love my retro style, but in this case its a bit too much. IMO I would:

-Add lighting inside the house
-Remove large tacky ROBLOX decal outside house
-Add a basic parkour obby around the lobby (attached picture below as basic example)
-Maybe experiment with shadowmap, its not RETRO but could improve looks.
-Look at the game ‘Studsville’, by overworded and see how they incorperate retro style with modern design

Trying to make a retro style of games is quite hard to make it feel natural. The players models are not as blocky, animations have become much smoother, improved ui etc. Because of all the reasons I listed above, it makes the lobby feel too large and boring. Not because you cant make a retro lobby, but because the retro lobby directly clashes with ROBLOX’s new design and animations of everything.

I think I can take the obby idea, should I make a reward if you finish, or just let the players do it over and over?

What is shadowmap anyway

Sheesh, thats a letdown
I will make a basic lobby lie in custom minigames, inspired by Person 299

My preference is that make the lobby “original”

See what kind of gameplay your aiming for.
:100: Retro is unsuggested however.