Feedback on Lobby?

I am currently making a lobby with a couple of friends of mine for a future game. The lobby is in the works so it isn’t completely finished, but I decided that feedback now could help make it more complete and possibly reduce time for changes if it were complete.
I will provide some screenshots and the game’s link. The game will revolve around the use of electricity hence the color scheme.


Game Link

Thank you!


Seems very high detail in some areas and sparse in others. I like the color scheme and aesthetic a lot but I don’t think it’s a very even distribution and seems somewhat jarring. Especially in the first image you can see the really intricate and cool looking door contrasts with the very blank walls and floor. Otherwise this is very nice, good luck!


Thank you, I will be sure my team and I will make sure that detail and color is evenly distributed to get that sense that it all fits together.

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Looks really good man not going to lie, like how you guys took your time in making these. There are some blocks by the door and on the floor i don’t know if that’s.There for a reason hope you guys fix it, but all for know good work on your lobby.!

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Thank you! Those blocks will be removed before final product.

The colour scheme is too basic and bland to the extent where it can be difficult to see where you’re going. I’d add more detail to the floor or make it a lighter shade of grey and add navy blue skirting boards to the walls. The yellow neon can appear very out-of-place, especially when compacted into such a small area and with heavy distribution; neon is often used to make specific areas pop, so it generally looks poor when overused.

The ceilings themselves are basic and flat. This gives the entire place a feeling of homogeneity which is typically unwanted.

I’d improve on the skybox. Being pitch black, it is very comparable to the stark greyness everywhere else in the build, which overall reduces from its realism.

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@Somnar Thank you for the meaningful feedback. The ceiling will definitely be changed. I like the idea of adding skirting boards along the walls and I appreciate the feedback with the neon. It is mostly the neon that I was worried about as I haven’t done too much with that material and I appreciate the feedback given on that. Would you suggest the neon parts against the walls to be of another material then?

It’s a good start so far! I’d definitely say to brighten the colors though; if your game revolves around electricity, maybe try including some light blue(Medium blue would probably be good) colors, and perhaps some white. And as @Somnar said, the skybox should definitely be changed so it at least gives a lighter and more welcoming feel.

I don’t know exactly what the tone or object of the game could be so I could be wrong, but lighter pastel colors would probably compliment the gameplay and tone of a game better than the dark grey and neon yellow scheme you have going on here.


No problem.

Neon is best used for areas that require pops of colour. For example, on this spaceship built by @BloodSpring.

Link to thread

Spaceship Critique/Review

This is, of course, for exteriors. I haven’t done much spaceship/futuristic building myself but I checked through my builds as I know I have done some. Here is a picture of what I made as a normal corridor within my spaceship.


On the whole, I have limited my neon usage to ceiling lights. These lights can go red when the security of my spaceship is breached. Overall, I aspire for realism (yes, even in the case of a spaceship) so I try to follow the normative procedures of lights, which is that they are used to instruct, light areas up, etc. They aren’t really cosmetic at all. I find that in some futuristic games, lights have been added to the most bizarre objects – dumpsters, houses, signs – and it can look ridiculous.

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Thank you for the feedback, will definitely check out and test different colors and see how well they go together instead of going all grey. Skybox will probably be changed.

I now understand the use of neon now by the example you provided. I can see what you mean and I was also worried it would be too much to the player’s eyes as it is usually supposed to help pop color. Thank you.

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I wouldn’t take my example as a model example, though. I made that corridor several years ago, and in retrospect, I would add smaller bursts of neon along the sides or top corners of the corridor to represent small lights, as well as having potential darker neon around the grates.

I suppose that’s just how building itself is, though. It’s an art based around hindsight and experimentation.

Good luck with your build.


You guys used only two colors, yellow and grey. It wouldn’t hurt to add diffrent ones in small places.