Feedback on Lobby

Hey all again! So I put some things into the lobby and now how does it look? How could I improve etc.
(For a simulator, all made by me.) < Image


Well I see you have such great improvement on the lobby, well to be honest, I recommend the trees to have a dark green color because most pine trees have this specific color, also I recommend this because the pine tree would really fit the scenery of being a pine tree in a lobby.

This is an example of the pine tree’s color.

In all, I appreciate the way the statue is placed in the middle. I really encourage you to use this lobby for a game.


Mhm I see, alright thank you. [30 Characters]


I can see some improvements you have made it’s a nice start, but it still lacks detail i do know it’s still in progress but I would like to give you some suggestions so you could improve on your simulator lobby However what kind of simulator is the lobby meant to be?

First off I would add some mountains around the lobby so players could stay on the map so they won’t fall. Maybe you could try and vary the style of trees on the map because the trees look copied and pasted next to each other. One small thing, may I suggest you try making different types of trees and move them around the map because they’re a little too close to each other and rather small in my opinion.

You also add some greenery like flowers, rocks, ect. You can try adding some buildings and shops to make it look more like a simulator lobby, another thing is to add more detail around the map you use too many of the same trees around the statue area, you could try moving them around the whole entire map instead of having 5 together on the left side of the walkway.

Adding more detail would make it much more full! Overall, it’s looking pretty nice.


Looks nice, but I’d suggest you add some more detail. Keep up the good work!


I see what you’re saying, but thank you!

Ok! Thank you. [30 Characters]

It’s a very good lobby but try adding some details like a shop and add more trees. But the thing is that the trees look like every single simulator tree so try making the trees more of your style. Also you can add colors to make it looks better. Try adding a little pong to give it the nature style.
I would rate it a 5/10 lack of detail

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Alright thanks. [30 Characters]