Feedback on Lockers

Looking for feedback on the lockers, personally one of the things I don’t like are the colours being used but I don’t seem to be happy with any of the colours I am picking. For the vents on top and bottom, I had to make it a slightly lighter colour so that it’s visible If I didn’t do that you could hardly see them as it blended right in.



Looks nice for lockers, nothing much to say.


Personally I would have made the handles rounded/remove the sharp egdes. And made the black around the doors smaler. I belive that would give it a neater look!

They seem a little tall. Can you try putting some character (e.g. an R6 dummy) next to them for reference?

The black isn’t around the doors it’s actually just a part filling the inside to make the doors/colours pop out more. For the handles being round Ill definitely make it round like you said.

The lockers were a little too big, I changed the size by a bit to make it the proper size for an R6 character.

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I like the color. You could also go for a red or blue. I would suggest messing with the reflectance in the properties tab to get more of a shiny look but it is also good as it is!

Amazing lockers - very talented. To make the lockers look even better, I would make the texture metal and instead of adding a black outline to the lockers themselves, I would negate those into the main part and union it. This’ll make the lockers more realistic and you could move the black outline further back.
(don’t know if it’s a black outline or a union - if it’s a union, my bad)

This is a metal texture (I believe), and for the metal outline it’s not a union or parts around the door parts, I built the box for the lockers itself then put a black part inside of the box and resized it to fit it, I then added parts on top of the black part and made it into doors.

pretty sure this is a free model…

It’s not. Though other lockers might look like mine, I made these lockers from looking up on google “school lockers” so I can get an example to build off of.

They’re nice and simple. There’s nothing more to add.