Feedback on logo

Hello guys! I recently made 7 logo designs for our game dev team, I’m trying to ask people which one looks more visually appealing. I also need feedback for future projects, so please give as much feedback as you can!



In my opinion, if you look start from the top left and go right, the first and third logos look good. The sixth logo looks too distracting.

What is the logo supposed to represent? I can see the letters T, P and S. If you say that, we can give you more feedback. I can go to your profile to find the group but it would be better to have the name here. Is it “Tycoon Production Studio”?

Hello, yes it’s “Tycoon Production Studio” I forgot to put the name here. :sweat_smile:

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Can you give us a more… clear explanation? All i see is a bunch of pixel multicolored B’s.

It’s logo designs for a game dev team which is named Tycoon Production Studio